Myriota Mouse™ (Service 1)

Ready to deploy external antenna

The Myriota Mouse is optimized for direct communications via the Myriota Network, removing the need to source and refine your own antenna solution.

Compact and self-contained for high-performing RF on both the transmit and receive paths the Myriota Mouse provides a ready built solution.


  • Custom built for high-performance on the Myriota Network, Service 1
  • Suits a range of sensing, tracking, and monitoring IoT applications
  • Horizontal mounting using built-in fix points
  • SMA connector with 1m (3ft) cable length
  • Vibration tested
  • Rugged IP65 enclosure with UV resistant plastics

Customization options available

Talk to us about cable length, connector types, branded plastics and colorways.

Learn more about which Service Type to develop on

Not sure about Service 1 vs Service 2? Take a look at Myriota Developer resources to make the best choice for your current and future plans on 

Need more information?

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