Sense&Locate (Service 1) - SL1-1

Fast track your Satellite IoT Development

Get your IoT solution into the market even faster with deployment ready location and sensor input features. Myriota Sense&Locate connects directly to the Myriota Satellite Network for remote tracking and monitoring applications.


  • 4-20mA sensor interface for external sensor attachment
  • IP65 enclosure designed for outdoor use and built with UV resistant plastics
  • Powered by 2 AA lithium batteries (e.g. Energizer L91), with easy field access to the battery compartment and micro USB port
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for geolocation and tracking
  • Integrated VHF antenna system and Myriota module, purpose built for high performance on the Myriota Network


The Myriota Sense&Locate is shipped as an unprogrammed device for you to develop and install your user application in-house, making use of the BSP and example application code from the Myriota SDK.

You can access the code and SDK from links in the provided product manual.

To purchase Myriota Sense&Locate devices pre-programmed by Myriota with a user application to suit your needs, contact our Sales team to discuss your plans.

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